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Modern Hymns
Guards Modern Hymns Punk Rock Theory
Monday, March 11, 2019 - 18:54
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Guards second full-length album Modern Hymns was recorded over the span of the past 5 years. After touring extensively for their first album “In Guards We Trust”, they retreated to the isolation of Sagaponack, New York to write a new album. After six months of writing and what seemed to be a never-ending battle to be released from their label, the group decided to head out west. They rented a house in the Valley of Los Angeles that had a studio attached to it, and began recording what would become Modern Hymns.

 Sonically, the album is more synth and bass-heavy than the Guards have ever gone before. Lyrically, the group delves deeper into the spectrum of human emotion. Follin welcomed his first child while recording the album which contributes to a vast array of new themes. Recording the album over such a lengthy period of time gives the album a wide mix of moods.

The album was produced by Follin and mixed at The Notch in Los Angeles by Sean O’Brien. It features contributions from Mike Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age), Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Patrick Keeler (Raconteurs, Greenhornes), Benji Lysaght (Father John Misty, Beck), James Richardson (MGMT), Matt Schaeffer (Kendrick Lamar), and Brian Oblivion (Cults).


Track listing:

  1. Skyhigh
  2. Take My Mind
  3. Destroyer
  4. No New
  5. You Got Me
  6. Anyone
  7. Beacon
  8. Last Stand
  9. Fan
  10. Momentary Lapse
  11. Away