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Sweet Candy Power
Shonen Knife Sweet Candy Power Punk Rock Theory
Monday, April 1, 2019 - 08:58
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After decades of making music and touring the world, it’s common to see the tribulations of life weighing down on an artist and their songwriting. Yet, Shonen Knife, hurtling towards their fourth decade of international fame, are once again proving their everlasting optimism and dedication to effervescent bubblegum punk with their 19th studio album Sweet Candy Power (out June 5, 2019 via Good Charamel Records).

“[Sweet Candy Power] is an homage to my favorite rock music from the 1960's and 1970's,” explains frontwoman Naoko. “I put all of my enjoyment, entertainment, joy, and delight into my songs. Inspired by my experience during tours and my daily life, I wrote the lyrics with fun and a little bit of irony. I hope people get happy through this album.”


Track listing:

  1. Party
  2. Dizzy
  3. Sweet Candy Power
  4. My Independent Country
  5. Wave Rock
  6. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
  7. Never-Never Land
  8. Peppermint Attack
  9. California Lemon Trees
  10. Match 3