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Born To Ruin
Crazy Arm – Born To Ruin
Friday, July 8, 2011 - 00:00
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Crazy Arm get to call Plymouth home and are a bunch of twangy punkrockers who like to combine a variety of styles ranging from punkrock to country on their debut “Born To Ruin”. There really aren’t too many bands out there who sound like these guys, probably because they’ve got a little bit of everything going on in their songs.

Cuts like “Blind Summit” and “Broken By The Wheel” are up-tempo country songs with slide guitars and sad lyrics included while “Christ In Concrete” comes with the brooding tones of 16 Horsepower. And then there’s ‘Reassure Me’ which is a lot wilder than any of the abovementioned. Or just have a listen to opening track “Asphalt” in which they already show right off the bat that they like to fool around with dynamics. Yet it all blends into another so nicely that you can’t really make a clear distinction between the different genres. So yeah, there’s a whole lot going on here but the most important thing is that these guys’ debut rocks from start to finish.