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Live Fast, Die Whenever
Friday, January 4, 2013 - 20:04
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Great Lakes USA sure likes it dirty on “Live Fast, Die Whenever”. They play punkrock with a hardcore attitude and some rock n roll swagger to boot. Opening track “No Girlfriends” reminded me of The Bronx, mostly because of the screams I guess. After that there’s a little more room for melodic guitar licks but the band always keeps up the frenetic pace alongside the serious shredding.

“Rambling Dudes Forever” might be something of a mission statement but at the same time it serves as a great example of how these guys play around with dynamics. There’s a fair amount of A Wilhelm Scream and Strike Anywhere influences to be found throughout the album yet these guys managed to carve out a sound all their own. There’s plenty to be said for their particular brand of gritty as fuck punkrock so let’s hope people pick up on that.