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Death On Mars
Milked - Death On Mars
Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 19:42
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Milked is the new project by Kelly Johnson, who you might remember from now defunct Chicago-based band Geronimo!. Johnson has already released a number of demos under the Milked moniker, but “Death On Mars” is his first proper release. It’s out now as the second installment in Exploding In Sound Records’ ongoing tape series, EIS Tape Club.


The album comes with nine tracks best described as punky indie rock with the fuzz turned all the way up or as noisy alt-rock blasts with pop sensibilities. I’m not sure which one fits best. But regardless of whether you’re talking about the sheer catchiness of a song like “Goodbye Durango”, the post-punk tendencies that occasionally rear their head or the sludgy intro of “The Cosmos”, it’s obvious that Johnson is onto something here taking everything that was good about alternative music in the nineties and molding it into something all his own.  


Track listing:

  1. White Punks
  2. Caledonia
  3. Oscillate
  4. Death On Mars
  5. Goodbye Durango
  6. The Cosmos
  7. Picking Up
  8. Cruithne
  9. Enouement