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Greener Pastures
Octaves – Greener Pastures
Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 00:00
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Octaves is one of those bands that does the whole screamo/metalcore thing pretty good. The bio sheet compares them to Dillinger Escape Plan and while that is true, I’m hearing more of a later Poison The Well meets The Chariot kinda vibe. Or maybe my ears are still just ringing from the show last night.

Whatever the case, if you like your music loud, dirty and dissonant with a hint of melody here and there, these guys have got your back. “Greener Pastures” is a shower of distortion pouring over you with tempo changes that are as abrupt as the drop in temperature when someone flushes the toilet. I know, it’s a terrible metaphor but I’m tired and slightly hung over.