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City Of Rotten Eyes
Overnight Lows – City Of Rotten Eyes
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 00:00
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Even though the Overnight Lows have already been around for a couple of years, this Mississippi outfit has never gotten round to recording anything before. After having offered some particularly nasty sexual favours involving a pair of tweezers, a life buoy, hot wax and a blowfish and a vow to never talk about it again after the facts, the folks over at Goner Records finally got this band in the studio to lay down some of their greatness.

The Overnight Lows boast Mr. and Mrs. Nabors on vocals, guitar and bass with Paul Artigues rounding out the line-up behind the drum kit. You should know the Nabors from The Comas, another band that was pretty familiar with writing a kickass punkrock song every now and then. They simply repeat that process on “City Of Rotten Eyes” which sees the couple tearing their way through twelve songs that are as punk as they are garage-y. Think Angry Samoans, old Queers…. Yeah, I know, right? Pick this one up