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We Are All Beasts
Static Radio NJ - We Are All Beasts
Friday, July 20, 2012 - 00:00
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Static Radio NJ was already a great band when they were tossing their Lifetime and Kid Dynamite influences around like it was nothing, but they have truly exceeded themselves on “We Are All Beasts”. Rather than being content with simply repeating themselves, they went and introduced more melody and poppier song structures into their material, thus transforming themselves into a full-fledged pop-punk band.

I know, I know… Did we really need another raw and gritty pop-punk band? Fuck yeah, we do! Especially when they have some cool Samiam throwbacks lingering around in songs like “Addict” or “Incestuous Friends” and filled the rest of the album with equally solid songs that are both high on energy and melody. Like I said, they were already great and they just got a whole lot better on “We Are All Beasts”.