Brian Mietz releases 'Hollyweed' single
Brian Mietz releases 'Hollyweed' single
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 17:47
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Brian Mietz is a South Jersey native that has been pushing out catchy tongue-in-cheek indie music for well over a decade. Last year, his band, Cabana Wear, released one of my favorite albums of 2019 with their self-titled debut. Now Mietz is set to release his debut solo effort, 'Panzarotti'.

A panzarotti, you ask? It's basically a softball-sized pocket of deep fried dough that is full of cheese and pizza sauce. It's warm, gooey, and delicious much like the music that makes up Brian's new album. You can find out for yourself by listening to his new single "Hollyweed." The track is a real earworm built on layers of keyboards, fuzzed out guitars, and vocal melodies.

'Panzarotti' releases on Monday, March 2nd via Sludge People.