Stay Wild sign with Panic State Records
Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 20:17
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Panic State Records is pleased to announce the new signing of Cali Hardcore Punk band Stay Wild!  

Stay Wild are intersectional feminists, strong supporters of the LGBTQ community, animal rights advocates and complete goofs who laugh at their own jokes. That is Stay Wild in a boisterous nutshell. Their exuberant live performance paired with a wide range of song subjects like rape culture, consumerism, and white privilege, they have carved their own unique form of energetic, veracious socio-political music into the realm of hardcore and punk rock.

Residing in Apple Valley, CA, the band began to gain momentum after a name change and debut EP in 2013. Shortly after the departure of their original drummer the following year, Chris Davis joined the remaining two founding members and went into The Earth Capital in Los Angeles to record their next EP, “Pacemaker”.

The three wrapped up a West coast tour in 2015 and decided to team up with Paul Miner to create five songs for a new EP. After two weekends at Buzzbomb Studios in Anaheim, CA, the recording process was complete.

With the beginning of 2016 came the band's first record label signing with Panic State Records for the release of “livelearnlove”.

"Rather than bankrupting the three of us (as many other modern record labels tend to do to smaller bands), Bean at Panic State Records was first and foremost concerned with putting out our music because he took a personal interest in us after hearing our songs. That was a HUGE deal to us, as well as the deciding factor, especially given the current state of the music industry. To the Panic State team, the music is what matters. That may sound cliché, but it's unfortunately rare nowadays. With that being said, we are insanely humbled to join a phenomenal roster and family of passionate, caring people." - comments guitarist/vocalist Nick Riggs.