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Seeing Things
Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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Shit, if I was Bob Dylan’s son I wouldn’t ever come near a guitar and I wouldn’t even think about trying to write a song of my own. Jakob Dylan however did and already released a couple of great albums with The Wallfowers. On “Seeing Things” it’s just him though armed with a bunch of songs and an acoustic guitar while Rick Rubin is occupying the producer chair. That same Rubin who already recorded stripped down albums with Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond. Two more names I wouldn’t want to be held up against. Jakob Dylan however is unafraid and came back out the studio with an album he doesn’t need to be ashamed of.

“Evil Is Alive And Well” might not have been my pick to open the album with but tracks like “All Day And All Night”, the almost upbeat “Will It Grow” or the poppy “Something This Way Comes” are definitely worth hearing. Jakob might not be as good a lyricist as his dad (then again few are) and I think I like him better when he’s backed up by the rest of the Wallflowers, the general laidback atmosphere of the album and songwriting skills make “Seeing Things” a first solo effort Dylan can take pride in.